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The biggest problem is leading us to a weakened country.

The importance of engaged citizens.

A responsible citizen will invest enough time to learn and be a part of supporting our Republic. An informed citizen will be able to determine the truth when they hear it and respond accordingly if they don’t. Such citizens are needed as the founding principles of our country are no longer assured.

A sense of service is crucial to a society that appreciates and maintains the values our country was founded on, such as respect, discipline, responsibility, hard work, honesty, a moral code and a framework of shared American values.

Past generations understood that the blessings of their society were built by such values and they needed to pursue life in a like-wise manner or our Liberty and American standard of living would falter.

Read, Reflect and Think for Yourself with a broader view of U.S. and world history. Human nature ensures that there will always be bad actors that will pursue office to enrich themselves at the expense of society. Just look at the lies that were told that brought the world Totalitarianism, Communism, Nazism and Socialism. All were disastrous to every society that bought into that propaganda and conditioning.