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This page is dedicated to Americans of the Wasatch back in the High Country of Utah! The grassroots spirit is alive and well here.

People-oriented areas of interest include: Liberty Greenhouses, Community Self Reliance, State Sovereignty and Constitutional Rights. Just look below for a full list. Here is a calendar for upcoming events!

Expect to see a revised online platform that enables people to collaborate using an advanced toolset on Aaron’s humhub platform! You are encouraged to try it right now at

A key principle here is good communication and partnering in any of these areas of interest. If you don’t see a contact listed or a website link in your area of interest, please reach out to anyone on the list to get started. You can also email

ALERT: An open letter to delegates by Karen Ballash: Read Karen’s Letter.

Currently, there are a handful of organizations that strive to bring people together in order to strengthen purposeful community bonds. They are:

A1) Summit County Freedom

Summit County Freedom (SCF) is a group primarily focused on Health Freedom and a Farm Food directory. More information is at:

A2) Community Self Reliance and Living Liberty

Under the banner of Living (our) Liberty,  the 2022-23 SCF Food members wanted to shift focus a bit and further explore community involvement in 2024. This is not a split or diminishment of Summit County Freedom. It’s simply an enhancement to the grassroots spirit of Summit County.  Refer to (this page) for a directory of possible projects, temporary or longer term, that people may want to explore. We look forward to the positive energy we expect to see by more teaming in the Wasatch Back of Utah!

11 Jan.- Farm and Food conference
         Located in Cedar City,Utah24 Jan.- Social - First meeting
27 Jan.- HVSR Sourdough class
08 Feb.- HVSR Clay healing class

Avoiding Thursday meetings to take part in HVSR
Moving to quarterly or As-Planned meetings.
December No Meeting planned

Once scheduled, come to a meeting to discuss how to engage on these ideas and add your weight to the winds of change.

Information and questions

A3) Heber Valley READY! – Liaison Pete Abosida

This strident group formed in 2022 and has a comprehensive approach to building stronger community bonds in the area of preparedness. Find out more by attending a meeting at and Resource Info. Next Meeting is 7PM on 27 January at the Bowcutt Room on west side of Wasatch County Library.

B) Liberty Greenhouses – Pete Abosida

Engage in local options of indoor growing. Community Projects in Kamas.

C) Local Farms of the Wasatch Back

These farms and ranches need your support. So much land is being sold and repurposed toward urban development. You can use the each food producers website and email address to learn more and even order food. Here is the list.

D) Food for Liberty – Contact Jay Deuser

Utah First Food is a direct order service where farm fresh products are available to be delivered right to your location. Learn more at

E) Sustaining Liberty – Marjorie Manning

Keeping health and wellness in mind is a must. Practical application of what’s available will be a focus.

F1) Shopping Liberty – Azure

Azure Standard is a family owned and independent company dedicated to providing carefully chosen, affordable organic, natural and non-GMO groceries, health, household and garden products. Kamas contact – Pete Abosida. Snyderville contact – Renee Miller.

F2) Shopping Liberty

Liberty Box is American based shopping network. Reclaim your freedom by shopping American: My Liberty Box and Introductory Video

G1) Inspiring Liberty – Doug Yeaman

The fellowship of conservative radio is at your fingertips. Tune in to Main Street Media Utah!

G2) Informing Liberty – Jacquie Nielsen

The Abundant Living Newsletter is already being published. If you have an idea for a newsletter topic, please contact Jacquie at

H1) Impact Council – Contact  Jay Deuser

This group strives to influence the levers of power in Utah in order to regain the balance of power that the Federal government has taken from the states. It’s highly recommended. Learn more at: and this Briefing on Federalism.

H2) Legislation in support of Liberty

2024 UT Food Bill Cover sheet
2024 UT Food Bill Amendments
2024 UT Food Bill HB0073
2023 US Food Bill HR2814

Advocacy for food:Red Acre Center Bill Tracker

J1) Liberty Caucus – Inactive

Just as citizens must be involved in their neighborhood communities, they must not be neglectful in choosing who represents them. An important step in that process is to be informed and to participate in their County Caucus. The next County Caucus is on March 5th. More information coming.

J2) Adopters of Liberty 

Liberty-Loving Candidates:
- UT Governor: Phil Lyman Website
- US Senate: Carolyn Phippen Website
- US Senate: Trent Staggs Website
- US House : JR Bird Website (D3)
- US House : John Dougall Website (D3)
- UT Senate: John Johnson Website

You should adopt them too!
Important you attend the March 5th Caucus and support these Constitutionalists!
- Here are the races to be held
- Major list of candidates for Utah

J3) Fueling Adopters of Liberty – Jill Watson

We need to know that our campaign donations will drive success only for the candidates we support. Here is a new local effort we should support to do that: Unauthorized One.

K) In Support of Elections – Jay Deuser

Do you have doubts if your vote was actually counted? So do we. There are four key areas that need to be secure: Voter registrations, Voter validation, Counting the vote and Reporting the vote. A meeting is being envisioned for January. For more information or RSVP email!

L)oving our Liberty. Come Join In!!


T) Taxes – Inactive

There really needs to be a county Taxpayers Association. If just a few of the right people can find the time to get this started, we’re sure it would be an immediate hit! Perhaps for now see the Utah Taxpayers Association:

Possible Next UP: Causes for Liberty