Snyderville Welcome

Our growing team of individuals would like to meet you!

Jay Deuser – Ranch Place and Snyderville Region Chair

Jay – Ranch Place Chair

Jay’s formative years were located in the Catskill Mountains, skied the North East and went to College in the Adirondacks near Plattsburgh AFB. Married Mary Kay in 1981. Moved to Wake County, NC in 1995. Served as a uniformed Scout Leader for 15 years, walked 1800 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Is certified as a PADI Rescue Diver.

We moved to Summit County after frequently visiting our children in Utah for 10 years. We now have two sets of grandkids who are attending schools here and whose parents have sunk permanent roots in Summit County.

Mary Kay and I have traveled the country in our camper, love to visit small towns and back country places. There is nowhere more beautiful than the Wasatch Back, unless we allow that to change.

Jay is a lifelong Republican and NRA Life Member, ardent defender of the US Constitution as written and our founding form of government. Prior NC GOP Precinct Chair & Region Vice Chair.

Our Country has crossed a road that should never have been crossed. It’s time to step back from such a disastrous place. Let’s take the cross-walk back together and regain our footing for the sake of our children and our communities.

Favorite Recent Poem: Prayer For April Blessings 🌸By Karen Michele Raines

Force of wind
And warmth of sun,
Compel the seeds
Of good we’ve done!
Scatter far and scatter wide,
That truth reveal what dark can’t hide.